qnep information

qnep Co.,Ltd.
establishment 1997 at TOKYO Japan.

nano-Ray-speX(Yoko Kuroyanagi AKA 黒柳陽子) (president)'s mission has been to create making silly things,
characteristic characters,creatures,and unnatural(and or natural) stories .
toy's planning,
making hologram
computer game's designing,
play something.

nano-Ray-speX's most popular work is planning and deviced
"Tamagotchi" when her working in WIZ CO., LTD.(BANDAI's subcontractor)
and most accuracy,bichen,bold,ripping work (the game for Dreamcast)
"SENGOKU TURB Fanfan I▽me Dunce(not Dance)-Doublentendre"
will clutch you !? Please inquire to SEGA Enterprises,Ltd.

now, nanoray made very cute'n cult character "pocota and Mr.face" ,"chinoco the ROBOTs" for NTT docomo's imode services, at dwango.

and she also made very characteristic characters "HalfPanda" , "unichanz".

nanorayspex have a fundamental contract to Sony Creative Products Inc. , then gush out PROPERTY PRESENTATION 2001 9/7-9/8 produced by SCP.

and also at PROPERTY PRESENTATION 2002 9/6-9/7 on exhibit.
Products of several nanoray's charachers will be shipped by various publishers lisenced by SCP.